How to live 120 years


The results are debatable but are not necessarily grounds for dismissal or even outright rejection

Garcinia Cambogia is a traditional fruit from India that has been used for centuries as a way to lose weight. But to be clear: We're not from India, we're westerners, and we have a different lifestyle and an entirely different diet.

For an improvement of such huge proportions promised by this fruit, we should start by reading other articles on this website.

For example: How to poison yourself with food: Its a scandal what we are made to swallow!

To start with the fundamentals: First, we should be leaning towards a diet that is more or less vegetarian ... or even completely vegetarian. Step 2 is to start watching half our usual hours of TV ...
And of course, think about taking exercise really seriosly.

However, with garcinia alone, forget it! It has been said to help stop obesity. But even so we shouldn´t pin all our hopes on this miracle plant alone.

Garcinia has a tendency to burn up lipids and fats. But it's not like setting fire to it. After all, nothing is that easy.
It is also invigorating and brings down appetite. This how to get rid of body fat does not offer any guarantees, but they are still worth trying.

Body fat does not come only from a bad diet and lack of exercise. There are other causes. One among many might be a thyroid imbalance. It´s complicated.

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The website has a number of reputable scientific articles about it.



In short, what these articles say, is that you can take garcinia, without exaggerating doses, but do not expect drastic results.

It can be obtained in extract form in any pharmacy or dietary store.

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Weight control by natural means

This page DOES NOT recommend a miraculous diet of any kind. Sorry for the letdown!

Attention. The title above doesn't say, "lose weight." It says, "Control ...."

There we go, readers, nobody following these instructions will shed out all those extra pounds in one fell swoop. For in the end, what do you know, the best thing is exercise, exercise, exercise. The issue about how to get rid of body fat is vast and overwhelming. It is Not just about losing weight, but about everything. It´s a lifestyle change that you should follow not just until you lose those extra pounds, but always.

The glycemic index.

It is the speed with which sugar reaches the blood. Basically, it´s not something you should eat with a spoon. The slower the natural sugar in food is absorbed, the better it is for our health.

For example, natural corn has a glycemic index (absorption rate) of 36. it´s slow. Therefore it´s healthier. Corn in a can has a speed of 50. As it goes fast it is less healthy. Cornstarch is going on 70. Corn in a box, like corn flakes, pop corn and other commercial aberrations, are in the 90´s. Briefly, every step up in the processed food chain means more sugar. Moreover , if the manufacturer adds sugar to the grain, it is "richer" and sells better ... weeeeell ... every one for themselves.

What this all means is that cereal and grain must be purchased as they are, and cooked at home as they are. Wanna live 120 years? Eat oats and Kinoa for breakfast with a slice of spelt bread.

Spelt bread in Google:

Yes Siiiir! No sugar. No honey. No jam.


Adopting low glycemic Index diets may not lead directly to weight loss, but could potentially provide control. As you can see, how to get rid of body fat it is not that simple.

Well... There is an unverified theory on the subject of underlying symptoms. it suggests we all have a certain latent diabetes . In particular, all those who consume a high glycemic index diet. Due to the fact that it may pass unnoticed due to its lack of greater incidence and severity, it simply does not manifest itself. The official medical literature does not discuss it or know how to detect it , but in the long run it´s bad for your health, and hinders our target of trying to reach 120.

The underlying symptoms:

L-carnitine used for weight loss

This is much more complicated: